You can only lose your hearing once!

Noise induced hearing loss is rapidly becoming one of the biggest employee claims with the average settlement at around £15,000. We will visit your site and test your staff to establish a baseline from which we will monitor hearing with ongoing tests. Additionally, we will ensure they are trained and certificated in the use of our custom fit hearing protection further mitigating your legal liabilities.

Ottraco employs qualified and experienced technicians who use a fully automated portable system with sound excluding headphones that can be used in a quiet room, up to 35dB. This allows us to perform hearing tests to the new HSE standard guidelines on site and at your convenience without the requirement of a sound booth or expensive mobile unit.

Typically, a hearing test takes 15 minutes per person. This includes a questionnaire (completed by each employee), the test itself, an examination of the ears and an explanation of the results. A summarised report will be produced and given to management staff for future reference if required.

The benefits of us visiting you and carrying out your hearing tests are:

  • Reduced staff down time with rapid on site testing

  • Freedom from the hassle of administration and record keeping
  • Low cost high value service
  • Easy access to results if ever needed in the future
  • No call out fees (minimum numbers might be applicable)

  • Reduction of legal liability

We are happy to provide our testing service to all businesses across the UK.

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